Promoting Information Resources to Students: Using WordPress to Maintain Library Data Sets

Event: CUNY IT Conference

Date: December 2, 2016

Location: CUNY John Jay College, New York, NY

Link: Conference Schedule

Description: The work expanded on the “WordPress as a Library Website Solution” presentation that I gave at ENUG and featured three objectives:

  • to demonstrate that WordPress can both support a college library’s subscription database inventory and deliver resources to students in a modernized website interface.
  • to showcase that a college library’s subscription database inventory can be managed and delivered from one central location using some simple, out-of the box plugins.
  • to highlight Webpage editors are not required to have MYSQL knowledge to update a college library’s database resources.

    WordPress as a Library Website Solution

    Event: ENUG Conference

    Date: October 28, 2016

    Location: SUNY New Paltz, New Paltz, NY

    Link: Conference Schedule

    Description: It highlighted the use of some simple WordPress plugins to manage many aggregators, such as ExLibris’s Aleph, in order to deliver a dynamic library website.


    Center Moriches Train Station

    Event: Community Presentation

    Date: April 25, 2015

    Location: Center Moriches, New York

    Link: Presentation Flier

    Description: The presentation illustrated the history of the Moriches and chronicled rail service to the communities.  While at one time greater Moriches featured two distinct rail stations, currently there is no longer service to the locality.  The event hoped to bring awareness of former service in hopes to rally support for a new station


    Cultural Change or Problem-Solving: SharePoint Technology to the Rescue

    Event: 2015 LibTech Conference

    Date: March 19, 2015

    Location: Macalester College, St. Paul, Minnesota

    Description: While I could not attend the event, the presentation was a combined endeavor by Chief Librarian, Prof Sidney Eng (CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community College) and myself. It told the story of releasing positive energy among Technical Services workers in the face of challenges and distrust. Technology, exemplified by SharePoint as a workflow tool, is an unlikely solution, but it worked for the BMCC Library. Today’s collection management has changed because of the emphasis on electronic resources. E-book acquisition has created a few more steps compared to buying print books. Staff still cling to their old habits and have difficulty recognizing that the integration of new workflow results in more than a cataloged item on the shelf. We persist in collecting statistics based on hand counts on paper, even as we copy and paste information into Excel files. When the data collected by different units don’t match, or a colleague’s work is devalued because of ambiguity, conflict simmers. We must always ask ourselves “what are we doing right?” Is the simple desire to keep accurate statistics a strong driver for change? How do we extend our shared commitment to the library mission of student success into organizational performance? It was clear that a new plan was needed to organize the workflow among our collection development, acquisitions, and cataloging departments. The Library devised a technological solution for collecting data and calculating statistics, using Microsoft SharePoint as an all-encompassing platform to streamline operations, maintain quality, and facilitate decision-making by organizing, sharing, and managing information. The presentation will describe how various features of SharePoint, such as document library, wiki pages, and workflow were systematically tested. The most important test was to implement SharePoint to provide the library a complex, but complete, electronic collection development workflow. Reliable and faster data resolved departmental tension. The collection development workflow relies on constructive input from acquisitions and cataloging. Fiat lux, fiat latebra, SharePoint lets the light shine on back office operations. Appreciation and collaboration among staff are enhanced.


    Try EasyBib to Manage Citations

    Event: Borough of Manhattan Community College Technology

    Date: March 4, 2015

    Location: CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community College, New York, NY

    Description: Presented a short overview of EasyBib, the comprehensive information literacy platform that helps users prepare research papers and manage citations.


    The SharePoint Opportunity to Innovate and Collaborate

    Event: E-Learn 2014 – World Conference on E-Learning

    Date: October 29, 2014

    Location: Sheraton Hotel & Conference Center, New Orleans, Louisiana

    Description: The presentation shared how the BMCC Library constructed an electronic workflow in Microsoft SharePoint that simulates the library’s collection development practice.


    Two Birds, One Stone: ePortfolios as Professional Development and Patron Programming, presented by Derek Stadler and Danielle Apfelbaum

    Event: 2014 Connecticut Library Association Conference

    Date: April 28, 2014

    Location: Crowne Plaza Hartford, Cromwell, Connecticut

    Link: CLA Program 2014 4.13

    Description: Academic Librarians Derek Stadler and Danielle Apfelbaum discussed how employed and job-seeking information specialists can take control of and positively shape their professional online identities by creating and maintaining e-portfolios.  Attendees received guidance on planning and executing the e-portfolio, including how to select materials, structure content, and choose a web-based platform. The presenters also discussed how librarians can translate their newly-acquired e-portfolio skills into low-cost, in-house patron programming.


    Greater New York and Its Silver Jubilee: A Political History, presented by Derek Stadler

    Event: Hicksville Historical Society Lecture

    Date: November 26, 2013

    Location: Hicksville Public Library

    Link: Presentation Flier

    Description: Political turmoil abounded both the 1898 creation of the present-day City of New York and the 1923 commemoration of its inception, known as the Silver Jubilee.  While debate as to one large and powerful municipality was around for the better half of the nineteenth century, it took almost a decade of legislative political battles, and finally Republican Party scrutiny, to see its fruition.  The Silver Jubilee was no different.  The planned large festive gala, while favored by the mayoral administration of the day, was panned both by rival political party and fellow Democratic Party members.  Through recently digitized images from Long Island University’s William Randolph Hearst Archive, the presentation exposes the political quandary of the city, at the time of its inception and at the jubilation of its silver anniversary.  In particular, it focuses on Hearst’s preoccupation with the latter and how his political aspirations shaped the history of the City of New York.


    JobSeekers & Students: Learn How to Create an ePortfolio, presented by Derek Stadler and Danielle Apfelbaum

    Event: Workshop

    Date: October 21, 2013

    Location: Oyster Bay-East Norwich Public Library

    Description: Academic Librarian Danielle Apfelbaum and Derek Stadler discussed the benefits of creating an electronic portfolio for employed professionals, jobseekers, students, artists, and anyone interested in creating a well-crafted online identity.


    BMCC Virtual Reference Commons – Virtual Reference Commons Demo, presented by Derek Stadler

    Event: Virtual Reference Commons Demo

    Date: May 13, 2013

    Location: New York, NY

    Description: In collaboration with Dorothea Coiffe and Kanu Nagra of the BMCC Library, Derek Stadler demonstrated a sample local guide to the Web Services department of the BMCC Library using Springshare software.  The content of the page outlines the department’s mission and connects users to documents, applicable websites, and other collaborative tools.


    Two Birds, One Stone: ePortfolios as Professional Development and Patron Programming, presented by Derek Stadler and Danielle Apfelbaum

    Event: Long Island Library Conference Program

    Date: May 2, 2013

    Location: Melville, NY

    Description: In this presentation, Derek Stadler and Danielle Apfelbaum discussed the benefits of creating an electronic portfolio for both employed and job-seeking information professionals.  Attendees received guidance on planning for the eportfolio, selecting materials, structuring content, and choosing a web-based platform.  The presenters also discussed how librarians can translate their newly-acquired eportfolio skills into valuable patron programming.


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