About Me


Derek Stadler

I am from Long Island. In the first nineteen years of my life, Forest Hills was my home. However, currently I reside in Hicksville. Following graduation from Archbishop Molloy High School, I received a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Saint John’s University. The first venture utilizing my education was at Advanced Institutional Management Software, Inc. Following a merger, my second undertaking was at Netsmart Technologies. At both these Long Island-based companies, I was employed as an information technology specialist. Satisfying a desire to pursue a career in higher education, I next completed a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science at Long Island University. A Master’s degree in History soon followed. While working on these degrees, my library and instruction employments included Borough of Manhattan Community College, Long Island University, Peninsula Public Library, New-York Society Library, and Molloy College. I also volunteered at the Queens and Oyster Bay historical societies. I am currently employed at LaGuardia Community College as the Web Services Librarian (Assistant Professor). My scholarly interests are primarily in the field of history and sociology. Current research projects include the history of Long Island and Manhattan. Additionally, I have performed New York City research at the New-York Society Library. The investigation included biographical information regarding early members of the library in preparation for a website devoted to the digitization of their first charging ledger.

I have also researched the formation of Greater New York in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. At my former position in the Digital Initiatives and Image Library, Long Island University’s William Randolph Hearst Archive featured Pictorial Review, Greater New York’s Silver Jubilee; Volumes I and II, containing over 500 historical images that accentuated Hearst’s political endeavors. In my future publication “Greater New York and its Silver Jubilee: A Political History,” I expose the political quandary of Greater New York, at the time of its inception and at the jubilation of its silver anniversary, and uncover Hearst’s connection with the years leading up to the latter. In particular, I highlight how his political aspirations shaped the history of the City of New York.

In 2012, I completed a Master’s thesis titled “Black Power on the Victory Stand: American Racial Issues Revealed at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City.” The paper argues that the Black Power salute had a profound symbolic significance at the 1968 Olympic Games. My research included periodicals covering both liberal and conservative ideologies of the time period.

In addition to history, information, and technology, I enjoy photography and research, and traversing Long Island and Manhattan to uncover its remarkable past. My extensive research on the Long Island Rail Road was reviewed in an article of Plainview-Old Bethpage Herald titled “Train Station on Track for Face-lift: MTA will spend $121 million to renovate Hicksville hub” that I interviewed for. I have also been the subject of a Stony Brook University researcher spotlight: Derek Stadler